Are you sociable?

I always consider myself sociable in a safe way. Not too sociable so that I don’t reveal too much personal info but on the other hand, I keep track of the new trend by participating. Since I started blogging in 2005, I came across a lot of others’ blogs. Some are friends’, some friends of the friends’ but mostly they are strangers whom I find interesting read. Today, I follow mostly strangers’ blogs or some would say famous bloggers whose blogs have probably hundreds or thousands visitors a day. Why? Because most of my ‘real’ friends are not sociable online. They are rather very private or lazy to update blogs. Sadly to say, I don’t get to keep updated with them much.

I don’t actually being socialized with those blogs I read frequently but sometimes I would leave a comment or two if the topic interests me. Other than that, I’m just a quiet reader. I normally keep my opinion to myself. With years go by, I met more online bloggers who visit my blog. We sort of become friends or rather virtual friends. We virtually keep each other updated through blogs (mainly) and we encourage each other with comments. I truly appreciate all comments. That kind of interaction brings life to my blog though they are only a few but I consider them rare gems. Hehe!

When you read others’ blogs, you tend to find something new one way or another. People talk about new products, new services, new social media all the time. I pick up new info most of the time in such a way. I joined Plurk (a microblogging website) as a result of a blogger’s recommendation. I can’t say it’s the most happening as I don’t have much friends who join it and you seriously need friends who actively participating to make something very happening. I still ‘plurk’ every day as I need to maintain the ‘karma’, some sort of point system to enable you get more emoticons. It’s a good site for keeping in touch with friends. Imagine it as multiple chats about different topics with friends’ comments. If you are familiar with Facebook’s status update, you will like Plurk.

Later on, I joined Twitter (another type of microblogging site) where I get more updates by following others’ tweets but they may not be my real friends. I actually learn more new stuff from Twitter. It’s better than reading news sometimes. Hehe! And it seriously can be a good marketing media for most products/services. As a customer, it’s the best way to keep updated with promotions or new products in such an easy way. As a company, it’s an interactive and cost effective way to connect to its customers.

In my recent short research about social computing that could be useful in teaching and learning environment, I have the opinion that Twitter has the highest potential (among other things). Its trending capability by putting # on the topic while you tweet, make it easier to search for the topics you want to know what everyone is talking about. Imagine in a classroom, after a teacher has just explained a particular topic, students can start to tweet what they thought about it. Both students and  teacher can see instantly what everyone has to say and discussion can be carried on without limit of location and time. Many universities have started incorporate Twitter application as part of the teaching and learning process. However, it’s might be too early to say how effective it will bring in the long run but if it’s used correctly, I’m sure this will bring us to the next level of learning.

Now I just wish more of my friends are more sociable. It’s lonely here without updates/happenings from friends. Hehe!


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