Why I left Facebook

Privacy issue with Facebook is the hottest topic recently where most people begin to worry about how much privacy they have in Facebook and what it means to them by being private about their information in their profiles. However, that’s not really my main reason to deactivate my Facebook account. I did it way before all these issues are out.

At first, Facebook is a blessing to everyone who wants to reconnect with old friends or maybe making new friends too. To me, I can’t deny that I found all my ex-schoolmates again only through Facebook. I’m so happy to know many are happily married with kids. Some have changed so much that I couldn’t really recognize them anymore. It was so much fun getting reconnect with so many friends which I had lost contact for years since I left school. I even started talking (sending message actually) to some friends that I hadn’t even spoken to for years.

In reality, we don’t actually talk to each other if we see each other. In reality, we don’t even know each other except the information provided by the persons in Facebook profile or the photos they shared. In reality, 90% of my Facebook friends are not really my real life friends whom I really talk to. Suddenly I realized that Facebook is just superficial friendship platform that in reality doesn’t mean much to me.

I have read about some people just couldn’t get off Facebook although they are concerned about their privacy issue. The reason they said they couldn’t is they have spent so much time touching up their profile and looking up all the friends. Some just couldn’t get away from reading updates from everyone. That’s sort of keeping in touch in a way to them. Sometimes I wonder when people talk about their concern about their privacy of personal information, yet they provide so much details in their profile to begin with. Don’t you wonder too?

My deactivation of Facebook has proven something important to me during my birthday this year. For the past few years, I have been receiving at least 20-30 birthday wishes in Facebook and mobile phone. This year after I deactivate my account, I received only 2 wishes on my mobile phone. You may wonder why and I found out that it’s the birthday reminder in Facebook that makes all my ‘friends’ remember my birthday all these years. See what I mean superficial. I remember my real close friends birthday even without reminder. It’s all in my head. And they remember mine. That 2 wishes I received are my real close friends. Seriously! That’s why there’s no more reason why I want to maintain a superficial friendships online when in reality we are not really friends. I feel it’s better to know they are well and their lives are happening without me really keeping tab on what’s their updates every day.

It’s pretty hard at first, I have to admit, for I used to be a gossip monger. But I have learnt to keep what’s important in real life closer to myself and the need to share lesser. Why worry when I still can share in blogs…hehe! Oh and I’m not very concern about Facebook privacy issues. To me, it’s all about how much you are willing to share and your awareness of the impact of what you share. And I truly believe privacy is not the main reason you should have if you want to deactivate too. After all, Facebook is a good social networking tool if everyone knows how to use it wisely.


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  1. Kind of agree with you. I am amazed by the extent people go in revealing personal lives in social media, even in the blogosphere. I mean, why would one want to let people know (even their closest friends) what they ate yesterday, are eating today, or will eat tomorrow?

    Sharing info about good books, gadjets, holiday destinations, etc, is fine. But sharing a diary of daily activities, thoughts, achievements, etc, online?

    1. Exactly. I don’t mind people sharing what they are eating as long as it’s good food so that we can try it too. But I saw a lot of people are sharing home address, contact number and many other things that one should deem confidential. I just wish people are more aware of the consequences if things do go bad. You never know when you will encounter some real evil people out there.

    1. Yeah. I do have the opinion that any social media out there are meant to improve our daily lives. However, it’s the people problem when things go bad. It always is the people.

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