As you begin your research

Research is the most important part of my Master course yet I’m very worried about it, to be honest. I have never seriously conducted a research before. Those I did in my undergraduate don’t count, okay? Those can never be published into any academic journals. So, the time is near. It’s time for me to think seriously about research that will contribute 12 credit hours to my whole course.

I’m actually a bit lost at first. Not sure where or how to move forward or even to start. None of my course mates has yet to start, though some are already starting to look for supervisor but no success yet. Apparently the process of securing a supervisor is not easy at all. Every one of them seems to be busy all the time. Some are just either not interested in the person’s research topic or not his/her expertise to supervise. All I heard so far were all negative comments. Of course, it made me more worried than ever.

When I felt I was lost completely, I found a talk organized by the faculty last week. As You Begin Your Research by Dr. Diljit Singh seems like a bright light to guide me out from a maze. It was a great talk. I had many of my questions being answered during this talk. Suddenly, I feel everything is not impossible as it seems. I still have hope to succeed.

Here I would like to share what I learn from the talk and the slides that I managed to get.

1. Research is just like taking a long drive to a destination, it’s a journey that we need to prepare ourselves for. First, we must know where we are going, why we need to go, who is going with us, what we need, etc. Support from our family and spouse are essential for us to succeed.

2. How we start our research is very important too. Are we prepared well to start? Or are we just not ready but start anyway? How well prepared we are matters a lot in how well we finish at the end.

“The seeds of success are sown right at the start, so are the seeds of failure.”

3. The need to start well begins TODAY.

“Start to do what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible” – Sir Francis of Assisi

4. To succeed in research, we need to prepare ourselves INTELLECTUALLY, EMOTIONALLY, SOCIALLY, PHYSICALLY and FINANCIALLY.

5. Plan our research by making goal to complete, plan our activities to achieve our goal and aim at least 30 minutes EVERY DAY to do our research.

6. Maintain a professional relationships with supervisor, colleagues and peers. Get connected with people who share our same interest.

Finally, don’t give up. Keep trying. Soon we will succeed. Hehe!

I’m sharing the slides here. Feel free to view/download if you are interested.


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  1. Oh, I didn’t know that. He’s never told us anything about his score but I knew he’s been in UM for more than a decade. Now I understand why I always think he’s one of the best in the faculty. He’s truly the best if he got 4.0 CGPA. I really thought that’s impossible. No wonder he told us that we can achieve the impossible if we really start well. Haha!

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