Feed and share

Recently, while I was trying to find out more about Web 2.0 for my research, I have come across many useful tools that are said to be essential in education. I couldn’t support others’ claims unless I could try using them on my own.

I started off with Google Reader, a RSS (Really Simple Syndication) web feed reader. This is a cool tool where you get updates from all those websites or blogs you are following, all in one place. I love to read blogs, just because I’m curious and sometimes it’s purely for entertainment. I used to browse through blogs I follow one by one, trying to see if  they have updates. Sometimes I forget to browse at all and probably miss all the juicy gossip. Haha! Anyway, with Google Reader, I never miss any updates and I have added more blogs to follow. I have even categorized them into:

1) Friends – those who are really my real life friends who blog…

2) Interesting Thoughts – this is something new that I started recently when I’m researching for more ideas for my research project. I found a good blogger whose life passion is about social media and education. Over the months, I accumulate a few more who have similar research interest and I started to follow them. I get inspiring ideas from them most of the time.

3) Nothing Better to Do – this section has the most feeds as I am seriously a gossip monger. Like what the title indicates, this section contains blogs that mean nothing to me but since I have nothing to do, I follow them for self entertainment purpose. Haha! Sometimes I have to admit I get latest news/updates from this section where bloggers share new products or promotions. Not so bad after all.

I have always interested in education, hence my research topic is in teaching and learning using social computing. When you say teaching and learning, one can never stay away from presentation slides. As a teacher/lecturer, you prepare your slides in order to conduct the class, either a physical class or a virtual class. As a student, you treat these slides as the main resources for studying. They are always better than studying the textbooks. In conclusion, we can’t deny the powerful usage of slides in our learning process. Most of the time, while I was searching for new topic, I found useful slides which good people share online. One of the best slide hosting community is called SlideShare. Anyone can upload presentation in various format to SlideShare and embed  it on website or blog for easy sharing. It can be viewed interactively on the blog/website and can be downloaded for future reference.

This is something I think will be very useful to me to prove my research topic. I’m starting to use it. I have uploaded a presentation that I share in my previous post and you can see the nice result. I hope to build my own slides to share more information regarding my research. I always believe that by sharing knowledge I’m actually gaining more knowledge too.


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