Dissertation registration

When I embarked on this postgraduate journey, I know one day I would have to face my worst nightmare: dissertation. I don’t know why but I’m truly afraid of the word dissertation or thesis or  research. These words are so familiar yet so distant at times. I have no experience in producing a full dissertation and I don’t even know how to begin. Every time I think about it, I have panic shock.

However, after completing 2 semesters of 6 courses out of 8, I initially thought to take the remaining 2 courses this semester before starting my dissertation on the 4th semester. Unfortunately, I encountered problem with limited elective courses being offered this semester and at the end I could only  take my final core course which is the Research Foundation in Computer Sciences. I guess I made the right decision for pushing to take this course last as it has been offered every semester.

Before I can start registering dissertation, I’m required to secure a supervisor. During the semester break, my course mates and I had been trying to find supervisor. We have this one lecturer that we all like and wish to work under her. She had even verbally agreed to take us just because most of us want to continue the research topic that she had given us for assignments in her class. But it was extremely hard to get a meeting with her during the break and we thought we were on a lost cause without an official written agreement.

Just when I thought I was  going to give up, my course mate contacted me saying that the lecturer had agreed to meet us. I quickly went through our faculty’s website to look for the procedures for registering dissertation and found the necessary forms here. We went together on Tuesday at her agreed time and we got our papers signed. But that’s not the final of it. We took our papers to the Dean Office and we were told to wait for confirmation letter after the committee meeting by end of this month. Only after the confirmation we can officially register the dissertation this semester.

So my plan right now is to take the Research Foundation course this semester and at the same time start doing my dissertation. Hopefully I can finish my research in 2 semesters. Our supervisor has even advised us to start on Chapter 1 now without delay. The need to start well is essential.


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