When I read many talked about Foursquare and checking in, I was perplexed. To experience more of social media, I signed up with Foursquare and trying to find out more. If you don’t know what is Foursquare, let me explain. Foursquare is the latest location-based social networking service that works on your mobile. It requires you to ‘check-in’ regularly wherever you go. In return, you will get points and unlock badges. If you check in often enough, you also can be appointed as major of the venue. It sounds like fun if you have a lot of friends on Foursquare and it’s possible to have all of them check-in at the same place and time or fight for mayorship. Haha!

This is how it looks on my iPhone. The app is free, of course and you can get it from Apple Store.

Right now, I have 5 mayorship where I check in often enough and no one is fighting with me. šŸ˜› I have also created a few venues where I like to check inĀ but I couldn’t find among the existing list. So far, I have no friend on Foursquare. As I mentioned often, most of my friends are not tech-savvy *sad*.

You would think why Foursquare is such a hype? To most, it’s fun and your friends get to know your whereabouts (if you don’t mind to share) through Twitter if you activate Twitter account to link with Foursquare. I have activated Twitter with Foursquare, that’s why you see most of my tweets in this blog are from Foursquare.

In my opinion, Foursquare has great potential as location-based social networking service. It uses Google Map to show the location. Just imagine everyone is helping Foursquare to register new location and probably sharing good tips about that location. Imagine what it can do to tourism and exploring new places. I can’t wait to use Foursquare when I’m out of KL or country. Probably I can find out more about places in Foursquare than searching the Internet. Haha!


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