Come formspring me!

One good thing about doing research: you have your brain, ears and eyes always alert for anything new that may or may not related to your research area. When you see it and someone talk about it, your brain start to think more about it. That’s how I encounter

It’s a social network site that allow people to ask question and get answer. You can choose to sign up an account with Formspring to either ask or answer question or you can also do so anonymously. The question and answer is posted in reverse chronological order on the user’s profile page. They can also be posted through Twitter or Facebook as status update.

Here is how my profile looks like…

Why I find Formspring so interesting? It has to do with my research area. I’m onto social computing in education. Imagine this: your professor has an account with Formspring and he opens it up for any students to ask anything. Of course, you have to maintain professionalism and ask only relevant questions. All the questions and answers can be seen on his profile. Imagine all the information you can get even without direct contact with your professor. To some who are shy to ask question during class, this is the best place to do so. You can also start following the person’s profile and get notification whenever there is question and answer posted.

Although Formspring has some controversy social issue awhile back, I still see its potential in education world if use correctly and professionally. Formspring actually has nice widget for blog but unfortunately, my free WordPress account cannot support it. So, I’m creating a simpler link on my right menu bar. Feel free to try it out. Hehe!


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