A slow start

It has been a month or so, yet I still feel I’m on holiday. Classes have started and finally they offered MIS electives and I took Knowledge Management as my final elective. We did our first class activity where we have to write 1-page article about the evolution of data, information and knowledge from ice-age until today. I think we did quite okay despite the short notice.

For the research foundation class, we were given a task of finding 3 review papers. Sound easy but actually it’s not. First, it must be review paper. We have trouble classifying any papers. There are many types out there and we only need review papers. Second, these papers must be related to our research topic. So we must identify our topic first. Always start with the problem, that’s what we have been reminded week after week. Example after example and yet we are still not very clear about it. I think we are still too fresh to know the difference and the right way to do research. Hence, we have to keep trying and keep doing.

I found my papers and I hope they are review papers suitable for my topic. My research problem is ‘how can social computing be used in higher education?’ and ‘how effective are social tools in teaching and learning?’. So, my review papers are mainly in social computing, especially web 2.0 technology in education. We are required to submit these 3 review papers as our first assignment and I have just uploaded the files today. I have started reading these papers despite me being very slow about it. I’m feeling most guilty for not working hard on my research. It’s true that starting something new is terribly hard. However, I promise I will work hard…I hope…hehe


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