Social Media For Higher Education by Trebor Scholz

It’s nearly the middle of the semester and I’m getting really worried. I have assignments/projects for the course works but I’m terribly slow on it. Especially so with my own research. Sigh! I have started reading but nothing yet on the writing, which is something I’m very worried about. I’m doomed if I don’t start something soon.

One good thing about reading is you start to gather new ideas and your own ideas start to develop too. I begin to have more ideas or rather more research questions about social computing in education. Everywhere I look, I have those questions in mind and I tried to dig out more information.

Just like today, while reading a blog, the author introduces another blog which talks about social media and education which introduces the following Slideshare which I think it produces very good insights in the overall idea of using social media in higher education.

Hope you share my enthusiasm as I have more to share later.


3 thoughts on “Social Media For Higher Education by Trebor Scholz

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  1. I think I’m doomed…I tried to start writing but I just couldn’t find the write words to start and to include into my work…huhuhuhuhu…maybe I will just have to struggle and write whatever la, but still we’re not sure she wants to meet us tomorrow or not. Let’s wait today if she will send us an email or something but at the same time just prepare…i hope she will not email tho :S

  2. I hope she won’t as I haven’t even started anything yet. I’m still trying to write the summary for our Assignment #2 for tomorrow class. Sigh…

    Anyway, look at the bright side. Don’t panic. Weekend is here and holiday next Tuesday. Haha!

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