When people are celebrating Octoberfest, I’m actually ‘celebrating’ Octoberpack. It’s my new term for being too busy and having too many work in October. Although I’m not alone, when I read about my course-mate blogged about her packed schedule, I’m actually feeling the same.

As the semester is coming to an end soon, more due dates are here. Not to say it’s unexpected. I expected as much but it’s my procrastination in me that ruins everything. I have one Knowledge Management project due since Monday but we have asked for extension until next Monday. I have roughly completed my report and I’m waiting for my another team member to supply the design and completion of the system. My another course, Research Foundation has multiple due dates of assignments. The last and final assignment is a research proposal which due on 29 Oct. We are to submit soft copy proposal and present multiple hard copies to the panel of assessors during the presentation beginning November. I’m not panicking yet but I expect soon will be. Sigh!

My progress so far: SLOW. I don’t feel I have read enough and my writing is still not good enough. I have re-written my problem statement at least 3 times until I felt a little bit satisfied now. I have also put a lot of thoughts into my aim and objectives. I have tried to visualize my research methodology too. Thinking hard how am I going to do this research. I have the idea but not yet materialized in action.

My major problem: WRITING. Sometimes I felt I was facing a big roadblock. I didn’t know where to begin writing. The ideas were here and there and probably no way. I have always liked writing but mostly it’s for fun. However, when I’m to write for academic, it seems I just couldn’t do it right. Don’t even get me started on PLENK2010. I’m supposed to do more writing or producing artifact through that course, which I joined last month for my research purpose.

The professor who is teaching us research foundation course has been giving us one rule-of-thumb: WRITE and keep on WRITING. Just start writing and keep on revising on it. Sound easy but for a novice researcher, writing is like the toughest task ever. Anyway, I guess he’s right. I just kept on writing and now my blog post is already more than 400 words. Haha!

I found that ideas put in writing is the best way to make it happened. It’s just like echo in a cave. It gets louder when you scream through that cave channel. Similarly, when you think of an idea and you talk about it, the impact is just like whispering. When you write that idea and share it on the web sphere, it’s like you are screaming. More people will hear you. Hopefully. Hehe!


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  1. True, when you have a lot of ideas, you just don’t know how to organize it and sometimes you feel frustrated because you can’t deliver it well. I have been reviewing previous reports and I tried to make sentences like them…but FAIL…huhu….I think to write a report like them, we need many years of experience in writing. So as prof said in class today, don’t worry about all those bombastic words, just start with the basic and you will gradually know how to deliver it *huhu yeah sounds easy for him*….I also often wonder I can write so many things n my blog but not my report…aiyark! this is why my progress for thesis has been slow, I am juggling to make my sentences sound scientific ……but now it delays everything….so yeah like Prof said, just write something we understand….huhu…I’m gonna stick to his words…..T__T

    All the best…let’s strive this hardship together 🙂

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