Research component

In order to complete my master course, there’s a 12 credit hours research component to be fulfilled. Although 12 credit hours seem like not much compared to full-time research course, I feel it will make a big different in my final CGPA. I’m trying not to think so much about the grade as it’s only self-gratifying anyway. Probably the grade doesn’t mean much in the real world other than to myself.

Anyway, I have started my research component this third semester by getting a supervisor and register the component. That’s all I have officially done and nothing much since that. I seriously don’t know how am I going to survive my final semester when I have to complete the research. As I have mentioned earlier, I have actually started something in my research foundation course. All that I have read and written for the assignments for that course are about my current research component. I would say it’s a great stepping stone for me to at least get something started. But in many people’s opinion, I didn’t do much progress and I myself felt that too.

I’m not trying to find excuses but I’m just saying what I feel here about this research. One of my biggest problem would be time for reading and organizing my thoughts/ideas. I’m juggling my life between 8-5 work, 6 credit hours of classes, 3 days a week tuition classes, yoga classes, time for family and hubby and some leisure reading/watching time. If I survive my study at the end, I would congratulate myself. Hehe! My straying mind is not helping at the least. I got distracted pretty fast. The more I want to multi-task, the worst I become. Sigh!

Therefore, I’m trying to organize my thoughts better by writing. My research foundation professor has said this many times: write, write and keep on writing. Even though, your writing is imperfect, just keep on writing and revising until you are satisfied. That has me revising my problem statement for the third time. Hehe! Then I heard one phrase from my yoga teacher which I found suitable in my current situation: you all have to start somewhere. He’s actually talking about trying to do a yoga pose and I thought about start somewhere in writing. Haha! I promise myself that I’m going to do all that. Start now and keep on writing.


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