Completion of coursework

After 3 semesters, I have finally completed my 8 coursework. My final CGPA is acceptable to me and lucky for me, consider it slight improvement in Semester 3. Okay, maybe my CGPA is more than acceptable to many, it’s 3.79. Slight increase from my last 2 semesters with 3.77. I was praying hard for Knowledge Management to get B+ minimum but I got A-. What a relief! I’m also grateful that I got A for research foundation which I think I’m very lucky because I believe the Prof has very high requirement and it’s my luck to pass his requirement. Hehe!

I have also shown my work which I did during the research foundation to my supervisor. I’m glad she’s happy with my work. After meeting her that time, I was so motivated to continue my ‘good work’, but somehow I failed miserably during the holiday. Now I’m trying very hard to pick up where I left and believe me, it’s darn hard to start again. I truly regret my procrastination. Sigh!

I have yet to register for my 4th semester to continue my dissertation due to my progress report not yet submitted. Now I’m trying to figure out how to submit that report cause it’s my first time doing so. By pushing myself to complete the report, I’m pushing myself to revisit my progress so far and probably rework on my chapters. Hopefully, this process will kick-start my research again. At least, I started this post and writing something, right? Haha!


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    1. Thanks Mun. I’m trying hard to maintain my CGPA. Yes, there is a due date. That’s why I’m trying very hard to complete my progress report. Sigh!

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