Personal Knowledge Management

I have been trying to catch up with readings, especially those I missed from PLENK2010. Lucky I still have everything in The Daily I got in email and @Downes has also replied my tweet about keeping #PLENK2010 up indefinitely as long as he can afford financially. Haha!

I read a very interesting article as suggested by The Daily for Week 8: PLE/Ns and Managing Personal Knowledge by Lilia Efimova titled A weblog case of personal knowledge management. The article got me thinking how I manage my own knowledge and my motivation for starting this blog. My motivation of writing blog is quite consistent with Lilia’s findings especially on the following points:

1) Developing ideas – I also believe that by reading blogs help me in developing new ideas for my writing. Though reading only categorizes me as ‘lurking’, still it helps me a lot to get new ideas and starts thinking about all sort of new ideas.

2) Organizing ideas – I believe it’s effective but I have yet to show prove in my blog. I’m a bad organizer and without writing them down somewhere, they are totally lost. But wanting to start writing on them takes me like forever and ever. Anyway, I did write on this post, didn’t I? 😛

3) Making sense of information – I do understand what I read so far from PLENK2010 and whatever blogs I found talking about similar interest. I have no problem making sense of all the information I got but I do hope I can contribute in writing more information for others to make sense too. Haha!

The things that I wish to achieve with my blog but yet to are connecting with others and sharing new ideas. I hope by finishing writing this post, I will have more to share soon once I finish reading other articles. I promise myself I must write about my research progress, which at this moment at near-dying stage.

I do wish more of my research friends are writing blogs to share ideas and support each others as I find it’s truly a lonely journey in research indeed. Sigh!


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