Pen and paper

In this fast growing technology era, can you imagine yourself without pen and paper in daily life? Ultimately, I guess it’s a yes. However, unfortunately for me right now, it’s a big NO. I have to admit that I probably wouldn’t survive without my little pencil case and small notebook in my bag. Even being a proud iPhone owner still cannot make me 100% techno-savvy. I still like to scribble on paper during work and study.

At work, I like to write down my task list in organizer or recycled paper. At study, I like to write down new idea or theory that I want to find out more. Of course, eventually all my writings will  go to Microsoft Word or WordPress but the process of organizing my thoughts come to be critical on paper.  It’s on paper that all my most important ideas or keywords come to play in my mind. If I didn’t write them down, my mind would just purge them and it’s seriously very hard to recall them.

I didn’t realize my high dependence on paper before until I read about these articles:

Why You Learn More Effectively by Writing than Typing

A Defense of Writing Longhand

These articles are really inspiring and worth reading. Hehe! Of course, I’m not saying we need to go back to stone-age where there’s no technology for writing or even typing. I just merely acknowledge the importance of paper in my life. Sorry to the environment that I still couldn’t contribute in paper-less. 😛


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