I found myself without self discipline ever since end of last semester. I have failed to follow my due dates. Procrastinate more often than I like to admit. Keep telling myself to enjoy first since there’s no inspiration. When I have no time, I tell myself tomorrow and tomorrow but that tomorrow is never ending because there’s always a tomorrow. I’m beginning to feel disappointed with myself. The fact is I haven’t achieved what I originally wish for myself. Whenever I think about that, I become frustrated with myself.

What have I done? Am I going to be a failure? What can I do to prevail and succeed? Sigh…This just cannot continue anymore…I’m writing to REMIND myself of that…I must believe I’m capable for more…YES…


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  1. I’m also feeling the same way…I keep saying that I will do it tomorrow and end up delaying it…I feel so angry with myself today. Starting now, let’s change our habits: It’s our final sem and we MUST finish it!! We can do it!!

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