Regret, not?

At times, I think I have forgotten the existence of my purpose to continue a Master degree. I wonder is it me getting old or part of my mind just want to play ignorance?

Sometimes, I regret wasting a lot of time not making progress to pursue my goal but at the same time I couldn’t regret more because those time that I thought I have wasted actually have been used in other part of my life i.e. my family, my work life and my tuition classes. It’s not easy to juggle my life between family, work and study. I have learnt it the hard way. But I’m not regretting taking this path of life. I’m actually glad that I’ve been given a chance to prove that I’m capable for more things in life.

I’ve been thinking a lot of my current predicament of not being able to produce my desired result. I concluded that a big part is due to my lack of organization and procrastination (of course). Another reason is due to lack of skill in doing proper research. I believe that this skill can be learnt and I’m going to push myself in perfecting this skill until I succeed.

Why I want to pursue this path in life? Because I BELIEVE I can succeed in whatever I put myself into.


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