My tasklist

I should have done this long ago, to be honest, but I never come around to do it until today when I started to google about motivation in writing dissertation. One of the most essential steps in doing dissertation (and making sure you have progress) is to list down simple tasks that can be done daily. It’s recommended too that we put a 30-minute block of time to work on the tasks instead of trying on long hour.

Here is my first attempt to list down my immediate tasks for this week:

1. Reorganize the outline of chapter 2 – the literature review on PLE, LMS, social computing, learning theories, design criteria to match learning goals…

2. Outline chapter 3 – the research methodology – read about design research or design-science research and behavioural research

3. Find out what should be inside chapter 3 from past dissertation

4. Study more on the design research methodology and how to follow the steps needed in completing the research

5. Refine chapter 1 research objectives, questions, hypothesis, significance…

6. Look into design survey and action plan

This is not the end. More will be added soon. Let see how I progress this week…


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