A day in campus

I took off from working today to spend some time in the campus, hoping to get some research work done. It was a drastic move but a worthy one in my opinion after what I have achieved today. To be honest, my achievement today is not as much as I expected but I guess I can’t give myself too high target just for 1 day.

Reflecting on my tasklist on my previous post, here are what I have done so far:

1) I have spent an hour or so listening to @WendyDrexler’s presentation on Personal Learning Environment (PLE) in the classroom, which was part of the PLENK2010 course, which I missed for a long time. It was a great presentation and thanks to PLENK2010, I didn’t miss much because of the recordings. I was happy that she introduces a lot of PLE idea which is very used in my research.

2) From there, I went to refine my Chapter 1 again. I believe Chapter 1 will never complete until I complete the research but at least I think I have a clearer objectives and research questions after listening to Wendy’s presentation.

3) I already have some idea how my Chapter 2 will look like, how I want to tell the story of learning process to the introductory to PLE. I have finally outlined all the things I want to write in Chapter 2.

4) I have also outlined my Chapter 3 which is about the research methodology. It’s quite hard as I’m still not very sure how my chapter 3 should look like. Anyway, I wrote some outline which I’m sure will be refined numerous times soon.

I have worked from 10 a.m. until 2.30 p.m. before I went to get lunch. It was blissful working in the postgraduate lab when there’s only me in it. I put on my favorite music and do work. Although I don’t think I have accomplished what I set out to do today, yet I’m still happy that I did something productive today. I’m more enthusiastic today and my head is full of new idea, which I’m not sure how to put in writing yet. However, I’m sure I will be able to put them nicely soon. Hehe!


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  1. It takes many small steps to achieve big goals. Keep this up and you will definitely finish your dissertation as per your plan. Gambateh!

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