Doctoral Research Methodology Workshop

I got an email from faculty mailing list that there would be a workshop on research methodology design on Thursday. So, I happily applied one day leave and informed @EffaFariha about it, so we can go to the workshop together.

The workshop was conducted by a Dr. Edward Wong from Business and Accountancy Faculty. To our surprise, he addressed our group as all PhD students. Whoa! @EffaFariha and I didn’t dare say anything and thought we must have gone to the wrong workshop. However, since we were there, I guess no harm listening to the good Dr. for some good advice. Who knows, maybe one day we will do our doctoral degree. Haha! *dreaming* Anyway, later on, the Dr. did asked for forgiveness that he didn’t know that this workshop was meant for both Master and PhD students.

As this workshop was originally meant for PhD students (as he planned), he didn’t go into details about all those research concepts and terminology. We were expected to know. Luckily, I think I know enough to understand the basic of research. What’s new that I learnt from him that day was quite enlightening. We are not researchers who write a report on our research but we are academic cum researchers who write a thesis about our research. An academic writer should not only report but critically synthesis  about our research. Of course, as PhD student, there’s a greater emphasis on bringing greater research value to contribute to the community. As a Master student, we just need to know how to do the research and report it as critically as possible.

The workshop has great emphasis on how to do a good literature review. This is common problem to all who are new in research. He couldn’t emphasize more that it’s utmost importance to have a good literature review to support your research. Yet, doing literature review is always the hardest part. One of my biggest problem is organizing all my readings and making good summary of them. The Dr. did give good advice: a literature review matrix. That’s what I’m trying to do now and hopefully to get everything organized better.

I now realize that research skill is a skill to be learnt and practiced until perfection (I hope). 🙂


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