Research Keywords

It was from last week’s workshop that I learnt the importance of compiling keywords during research. Although I have been doing it (informally) while reading/summarizing articles, it’s only now that I start to (formally) organize all the keywords that I collected.

It really helps, somehow, in organizing my thoughts and helps in synthesizing. I have yet to start writing but I’m sure with these keywords I have better idea on what I want to talk about. While exploring new Web 2.0 tools, I have been recommended this – online stickies. It’s like those yellow Post-it notes in the office but now it’s virtual and you can access those notes anywhere anytime. The best thing of it is they have iPhone/iPad apps. I love using my iPad to put in my research keywords as I go.

Below is my PLE keywords that I have collected so far (click the picture to see my lino page):

The green stickies are the different learning theories. The pink stickies are the characteristics of PLE. The purple stickies are how I think of the different learning environments in higher education, which I believe it’s going through evolution or some sort. The yellow sticky is the methodology I have found so far that is suitable for pedagogical design project in education. The blue stickies are the design factors.

Of course, this is only the beginning and I hope to see my lino to evolve rapidly in the next few weeks. I have been summarizing the articles and hopefully a synthesis soon.


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  1. This seems excellent Jennifer…

    You can start writing about it now….I’m sure you can finish up soon when you have all of this ideas sorted out.
    I still need to work on mine…

    I notice you have a subtopic on “Autonomy”…that is the study of Information right? coz my topic also touches a bit of those and I am currently trying to prepare a basic understanding of that part of that for my thesis. I wanted to explain about the Information concept as part of Information System study.

    1. Fariha,

      Thanks. I have started writing bit and pieces indeed. Hope you can utilize this tool to help your dissertation too.

      Autonomy in my context of learning is more about control. In typical Moodle platform that we are all so familiar with, the autonomy is with the lecturer or even the administrator. Student has no autonomy at all about the learning content. That’s what I want to remedy with my research. Giving the autonomy to the student while trying to balance the lecturer’s autonomy.

      Is my definition of autonomy similar to yours in your context? Do tell me more.

    1. Thanks Mun. If you really learn something from here, I have achieved my research purpose by 10%. Haha! In a way, I wish to prove that all of us can really learn through blog, twitter and social network. I will definitely keep posting for more cool tools.

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