Semester break programme

Another semester is coming to its end. It marks my two full years doing my master. I have realized that I have failed to complete it within my estimated 2 years but I guess it is unavoidable. Studying part-time with a full-time job is not as simple as I think it should be. Nevertheless, my target of completion should be end of 2011 and I’m sure I can achieve it. *full-of-confidence*

On Monday, all postgraduate students are requested to attend a briefing that introduced our newly appointed dean. Surprisingly, we were being introduced to more: a Semester Break Postgraduate Research Excellence Programme. A first in my 2 years and I would think it’s timely for I have already started my research. This programme is introduced due to the new rule for adjusting our semester start date to follow the practice of worldwide higher education. Our new semester is to start in September, no more July. So, imagine that we have at least 3 months break after the current semester ends somewhere in May.

The dean introduced the programme to be optional but at the same time telling us our new exit requirement, which makes the whole programme to be so important. Exit requirement is the thing that we need to accomplish before we can graduate. One of the new requirement is to publish our research to any journal, preferably ISI journals, of course. I seriously didn’t know we have to publish our research and to many this has become a nightmare. For me, though I feel being pushed harder, I feel it turns out to be a good thing. I really wish my research is of such quality that can be published in peer-reviewed journals. So, this semester break programme is to provide workshops for all who interested to join to help us do our research and at the end of the programme, we can present and publish our research in the Annual Postgraduate Symposium which will be held in August 2011.

It did sound scary at first but somehow I’m looking forward to it. I just hope they have thought thoroughly about the programme to accommodate people like me who need to work full-time. I really wish to join the workshop and produce quality work.

Publish research paper? Me! Seems so untrue and so far fetching reality. Haha!


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