How to start writing

Many people I know fear writing. They love to read but when talk about actually writing, they believe they can never do it. I’m not talking about writing a novel. That I wouldn’t be able to achieve too. I’m just talking about writing in general, what say in blog. Seriously, not many of my friends or peers keep blogs. They said they do not have time to write because either they are too busy with work and family or they are too busy doing research and dissertation writing.

On contrary, I love to read and write. I might not be a perfect writer but I dream to be a good writer (not the fictional type, but as an educator). Of course, dissertation writing seems to be very scary. Just think about the hundreds pages that I’m supposed to produce, that already put me off. But when I think that I can write blog easily throughout the years, writing shouldn’t be that difficult to do. I always have ideas popping up in the mind and I love to share though my writing.

Blogging is really therapeutic to me and I just read today that blogging more is good for health too. šŸ™‚ Honestly, IĀ feel better after I organize my thoughts/ideas in blogging where I hope others will find useful (and I also like the blog layout with niceĀ colors and picture from the theme). Though this blogging doesn’t really produce any chapters for my dissertation but it does help me organizing topics and ideas. Plus it keeps me motivated to keep writing and thinking at the same time.

Just the other day, I read about How To Write 1000 Words by Scott Berkun and I learn a couple of good tips:

1. Always keep a notebook with you all times. You won’t know when a good idea can just pop up in your mind. If that happens, you wish you have a pen and paper with you but can’t find. Why not be prepared for it, right? Luckily I have already gotten my notebook dedicated to my dissertation even before I read this tip. So, I guess I’m doing something right.

2. Do not fear of being stuck. According to Scott Berkun, feeling being stuck in writing is a good thing. You are force to think when you are stuck. That’s probably quite true. Another thing to do when stuck is reread the writing from top to bottom and probably you will have new ideas to write. This I have yet to master because sometimes I’m so afraid of rereading. Don’t know why.

3. Keep the motion. That means keep writing regardlessly. It doesn’t matter if the writing is not perfect, incoherent or full of grammar mistake. You can always review it later and touch up it to perfection (hopefully). This tip got me started on the other day and I managed to write 500 words in 40 minutes without review yet. Feel so triumphant!

I have wrote something about the evolution of learning environment in higher education from physical environment (face-to-face) to virtual environment (online learning) and now the more researched personal environment (personalized self-regulated learning). After I wrote about how we have gone from physical environment to now blended environment that comprises of both physical and virtual learning, I just read about cloud learning environment yesterday. Another new term to me that I need to find out more.

One Ā important thing I learn from writing dissertation is that idea and writing keep evolving over time. Maybe it’s only best that we write them down no matter when or what before they evolve to a state that we cannot recall any idea.


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  1. Great advice, I’m going to read that article now. I always found worrying about perfection a major barrier to writing. Now I just separate writing and editing. In writing, absolutely anything goes, whatever you think, you write (hence the notebook is a good idea). When you edit, you cut out all the junk and rearrange what you have.

    I used to have a notebook but I used to never read it after I’d made the notes šŸ˜¦ Now I just have scraps of paper, forcing me to review the note I make before I loose them.

    1. Hi Ben, glad to find my sharing useful to you. I think the notebook concept is just having some writing material with us all times so that we can always scribble our ideas. Your idea of scraps of paper is good too. Everyone is different in handling learning, I guess. That’s what I want to find out in my research. What’s your dissertation about?

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