Chrome Web Store

Ever since Google Chrome’s launched, I have been one of its many users. I can’t really recall when I started using it but it has been my favorite ever since. I still remember its initial problem with opening PDF files, so I guess that must be pretty long ago. Hehe!

During my research on Web 2.0 tools, I have found many useful applications. One of my new (found) apps is found in Chrome Web Store called Quick Note. Maybe it’s just me, I didn’t know that our web technology has evolved to this stage where we can type notes on web browser, just like you would have on notepad. The beauty of such apps is you can access them anywhere anytime. I seriously didn’t know that Google Chrome has its Web store that full of variety apps. Of course, some apps require purchase but mostly they are free to use.

This is how Quick Note looks like on my Chrome. I usually type short notes or create task list here and access them at home.

Recently, while browsing through the apps in Chrome Web Store, I found another cool apps, specially for my task list. It’s called and its interface is really impressive. You can create as many categories as you like and put in each tasks with or without due date.

This is how looks like on my Chrome. FYI, this app can be opened in any browser and not only Chrome. You can use your existing Google account to login or signup a new account to After that, you can access your to-do list anywhere anytime regardless of browser.

I’m truly amazed with so many apps I found recently. They are not only helping me with my research but my work productivity too. It’s always better when I feel organized and being the procrastinator, progress is important. When I see each crossed out task, it helps on my motivation level too.

However, after using Quick Note and,  I have second thoughts about Netvibes and Symbaloo. It seems that Netvibes is not able to integrate with these apps but Symbaloo can easily add a tile to point to the link. Maybe Symbaloo is a much better choice after all.


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