Blogging my way to dissertation success

Thought of sharing a good strategy by Dr Rachna, that I have been practicing since I read about it: writing journal to track your progress. You can write on diary, notebook or even blog. I’m an IT geek after all, so blogging has been my choice of tracking my progress. You would have noticed my increased frequency in blogging nowadays as I share more along my dissertation journey. I have finally come to the term that research/writing dissertation is a long journey (probably a longer one to some – PhD?). This journey is part of my choices in (academic) life and I think just as much I like to blog about my journey in life (personal blog), I think this blog is worth journalling too.

According to the strategy, I should blog about just anything that happen on mydissertation  journey. It doesn’t matter whether I manage to produce some chapters or I’m lazing around wasting time (hopefully not!). The key point is to reflect on my progress or lack thereof and identify what make me success or fail. Another good point to note is progress doesn’t need to be measured in big milestone. Even if I only manage to touch up my endnotes, it is considered some progress. This progress tracking is to motivate me to keep moving forward. I think it’s a good strategy and worth trying.  

Writing dissertation is already a lonely journey. So, why not spice up this journey by adding more variety to it. Sometimes, blogging whatever in your mind can really inspire your mind to more new ideas in writing. If my blog can help others getting inspiration/motivation, then it’s an added benefit to my writing. Anyway, I truly believe that although research writing is an individual work and you always work alone, it’s always better (to try) to reach out to others who probably can motivate you on the long run. What better way to reach others than by sharing your work in blog where visibility is high.

I think I have been doing slightly better with my progress although I’m probably still far behind. The least of it is I’m still motivated to moving forward. I believe I can do it. YES!


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