We are our own worst enemy

I want to keep the motion of writing, hence I keep blogging. Hehe!

This morning I read a good article from @chronicle about the Road Blocks to Doctoral Success. I’m not doing doctoral (yet!) but the author’s advices are applicable to everyone who is currently doing dissertation. Read the full article here.

I believe it’s true that we are our own worst enemy in achieving success. It’s all in our heads that we think we cannot be successful. It happens all the time during writing dissertation, especially if we have gone through a long journey that we can’t see the end of the journey yet. I bet many have even thought of giving up at some point of time when we feel that we are not getting anywhere near to success.

Anyway, it’s good to keep reading more motivational success stories, just to keep us going and stay motivated. It’s very important to keep checking our motivational level to make sure we are not too stress or depressed. I honestly believe that there’s no giving up once you started a journey. No matter how the journey ends, you are the one to make sure you reach your desired destination in the end. Doesn’t matter if it takes longer than necessary. The most important thing is you DO reach it after all.

All the best to everyone who is ‘struggling’ like I do in writing dissertation. Just believe you can do it! 🙂


6 thoughts on “We are our own worst enemy

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  1. Thanks for sharing the article. I really like it and even plan to share it as well. ^_^

    It consist of the things I’m thinking about right now. I worry too much about how long it would take to finish my dissertation since most people do it in two years but now I think I over exceed it…I think that is what is making me depress all this time….seeing how other people can complete it easily while I did not achieve it. =(

    But after reading the article, yes I agree, at least I should keep motivating myself to go on instead of giving it up because once I give up, I might regret it for the rest of my life. Furthermore, I should push myself to do it even tho it takes a bit longer than everyone else, because without doing it, this problem will never go away.

    Let’s not worry about the convocation, just get this done and then we can do anything we want once it’s over, yeah! ^_^

    * i already read about the Pomodoro, looks interesting and I will sure try to follow it. Thanks ^_^

  2. Sooo true! Thanks for sharing this article. You raise a very important point that is quite often overlooked. When you feel like you can’t do something, there will always be people to agree with you and tell you that you can’t do it. Even comfort you and tell you that it’s ok. These people are often friends and people who we respect. However it is important that we associate with people who are positive, and who are constantly doing things better in their own life, and help to encourage us to believe that we can achieve our goals.

    1. I’m just lucky to have people around me who is supportive in the positive ways. My husband, for one who always believes in me to achieve success. Even if I’m depressed or thought to give up, he would not let me but only push me forward. I’m also lucky to have friends, such as Mun & Fariha, who always leave encouraging comments to keep me motivated. It’s another blessing too to have connected with you, whom share useful tips to keep me moving. 🙂

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