Progress in April

It’s coming to end of the month again. Time to recap what I have done so far in these past 2 weeks.

1. Learn to use Mendeley for referencing management – it’s the best tool for organizing my articles collection, one that I can’t live without now…

2. Literature review step 2 – data collection is on-going. I managed to find quite a lot of relevant articles that I have yet to read. I’m also preparing a synthesis matrix while making notes during reading. I have also identified questions that I want to find out in this step. I’m happy to have clearer theme for writing now.

3. I took some time the other day to review my chapter 1. I actually dreaded the process of reviewing, probably too afraid for more changes due to my fickle-mind. Surprisingly, I found the review refreshing to the mind instead. I have refined all that I could and I’m happy  that my chapter 1 is considered ready with just some minor touch-up later.

4. Inspired by many and especially Ben, I want to try making a video or screen-cast about using Mendeley in finding and organizing articles. I have tried out Screencast-o-matic as suggested by Ben and have done a few sessions of recording but still not up to my satisfactory, so I have to re-do but I have no time yet. I promise will do it very soon. Doing a video is not as easy as I thought and it requires well planning to make it perfect.

5. I have blogged more frequently to share motivational ideas and to organize my thoughts in doing this dissertation. I believe blogging helps me a lot to voice out frustration, to record progress and to connect with peers. At times, I feel like multitasking with no end but there’s no rule saying I cannot work on multiple chapters at the same time, right?  So, I have been working on my literature review and my methodology chapter, at the same time now I’m also looking into designing my survey questions for data collection in chapter 4. Hehe!

Okay, my Pomodoro for writing this post is up. Time for a break. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Progress in April

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  1. Looks like your doing well! Can’t wait to see your video. I was a bit nervous when I started doing them but to be honest, you get used to it quickly. Don’t worry about quality too much, I’m never really happy with my videos and I don’t think I ever will be because I’m not that comfortable watching them back. A trick I use though is to just imagine that I’m explaining something to a friend. It’s ok to make mistakes in the recording and correct yourself, it can sometimes help to clarify things!

    Good luck for next month – keep on inspiring!

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