The planner in me

One word: Suck!

I’m not a planner by nature, I guess. I’m pretty much a care-free person who doesn’t worry much about what’s next. Hence, I  feel inadequate when come to planning in details yet many did comment I was good with planning and organizing company events that were all quite successful. I wonder is that the same when it comes to planning a dissertation?

I guess my biggest problem with planning a dissertation is the lack of knowledge of what to do. When you are unclear about the things you should do and the ways to do them, you feel rather lost. Then anxiety kicks in, then frustration, and give-up eventually. Of course, there are always some other ways to remedy that before you give up totally. With the Internet, you can never give up without a fight (or rather a try to find out more information).

One of the reason I’m passionate about my research is the amazing of Web 2.0 applications. There are many cool applications out there that really helps me on daily basis. I have tried to share them as I found them. What’s more when they are free. Haha! I believe it’s important too who you connect online to get latest info. It’s incredible useful to be able to connect to the right people in Twitter. The information people share in Twitter really helps me in this research. I believe now that learning through connecting with others has great potential as discussed by many researchers recently. I’m actually walking the talk to experience first hand.

Just yesterday, I found this cool link in twitter by someone I followed. It points me to this cool online applications that helps me in planning. It’s called Tom’s Planner. Just imagine having a Gantt chart at your disposal any time any where. For free! Oh, did I mention it works on iPhone and iPad now? Hehe! Of course, if you need more functions such as collaboration with multiple people or handling more projects at the same time, a small fee is required. I have given it a try and planned out my dissertation for the next few months until end of the year. My target for completion is hopefully before Christmas.

My plan is no way near perfection as I have no idea yet about the details in later stages of the dissertation but I’m working on them for sure. Please click here to view my plan and I appreciate if you, my readers can give me some comment or tips in making a better plan. Thank you in advance. 🙂


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    1. Hi Tom,

      Thanks for the link. Really appreciate your reply. By the way, I really like the planner. Thank you so much for providing it. 🙂

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