Being realistic

Another semester ended. It was whopping fast without me realizing it because I rarely go to campus nowadays. I know some others are either having examinations these few weeks or already started semester break. Looking back at my progress for the past semester, I wish I could say I did good but in actual fact, I think otherwise. Sigh!

I sat down one day while exploring Tom’s Planner to plan my dissertation progress, I drew this chart to estimate when I can finish my dissertation.

I broke down into different stages that I plan to do in this dissertation (which I believe most people have similar stages, probably minus the development and implementation if you are not Computer Science major). The first 2 semesters were spent on completing the coursework requirement. I spent the third semester to complete the last 2 coursework, at the same time started my research proposal. This is my fourth semester and I spent all these 4 months or so trying to complete my literature review. I’m quite sad that I’m not achieving what I think I should. That’s why I feel I need another 2 more semesters to complete based on my chart above.

Initially, I plan to finish by year end which requires only one more semester plus working through the semester break. However, being optimistic doesn’t help  so I must be realistic here. There’s no way I can finish all the remaining stages in 8 months (including the long semester break) and assuming I have finished literature review and methodology chapter by now.

I can’t say I have been working extremely hard in this semester, though I do feel I have achieved a bit of progress by learning a lot of new things (i.e. the effective way to do literature review). I guess I spent a lot of time exploring new tools, learning new ways and probably put my brain to work. Unfortunately, to produce real work, it requires much more progress than this, I guess. Sometimes, I felt I was facing roadblocks (did I mention I’m working full-time in the office? 😛 ). Sometimes, I was just pure lazy. The long weekend holiday last week proved my laziness.

I know all these are just excuses I come up for myself. At least, I admit them and really wish to change. Haha!


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