The blind men and the elephant

I always like how one of the lecturers talk about holistic view in Information Systems (IS). She always tells us about giving the blind men to feel parts of the elephant. Each man will tell you the part that they are feeling at that moment. She always talks about the tail of the elephant to represent a part of IS. I never understood why the tail and not other part until Fariha sent me this diagram.

Image from and more explanation about the diagram is here.

You see, this lecturer was doing CRM research…no wonder she always referred to the tail of the elephant. Haha! Anyway, it’s so true that whatever research we are doing right now, it only represents a very small part of the whole thing. However, as a researcher in IS, we should be able to see the holistic view of the research, how it plays its role in the whole (normally a phenomenon).

So we all should be reminded that even though we are so into a particular part in the research, we should always have that bigger picture in mind. 🙂


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