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I have never really tried doing my research at the comfort of my bed. Seriously, it’s just too comfy to do any work. But I really have no time to do the work any where else, so I have to force myself to do some work (at least) at home. Here is how I did last night when I had no tuition class in the evening and hubby is not at home. My own ‘physical’ personal learning environment. Haha!

I used iPad for reading an article because I feel it’s much easier to read on iPad than on my Sony. I used Sony Vaio to type my note while I read on the iPad. Hehe! I also have a physical notebook to write important notes or idea that comes up in mind. I basically have everything I need on the comfort of my bed. The only thing I feel lacking is time, but I can’t complain about it as I know it’s not a valid excuse for my lack of progress.

I just must remind myself of my ultimate goal and keep pushing myself towards it. I just hope my effort would prevail. So, as my research interest is to find out how people learn, how do you learn at your own pace? Any particular learning setting you need to enable you to learn better? Do share…


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  1. I learn better in the wee hours of the morning when everyone else is sleeping and also learning by doing and hands-on (like learning on the job instead of just reading about theories from books).

    1. I can never wake up too early. The quietness in wee hours scares me sometimes. Hehe! So, you are the constructive type of person in learning. Good to know.

  2. Little and often always helps. When your struggling and having a hard time, try and continue to do even the smallest thing every day. This helps you keep up some kind of momentum which means when you feel more positive, you don’t have to start all over again. When you look back at all the little steps you took, it’s amazing how they add up ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Ben,

    I agree with you that we must keep the momentum. I’m trying every day to at least summarize an article when I’m free to steal some time during work. I do hope when I look back to these days one day, I could be proud of myself.

    Go get iPad now. It really changes my life. The best investment ever. Lucky I’m not much a gamer, so I’m safe from that distraction. Haha!

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