Workshop on scholarly publishing

It’s one of the best workshop I have attended, conducted by Dr. Diljit Singh. He’s one of the best prof. in our faculty in UM. The purpose of this workshop (as the name indicated) is to help the students publish their scholarly work to target journals. Of course, the university/faculty wishes its students to be able to publish in high ranking journals.

I have never known how and what to publish and the workshop really gave me a better perspective. Not that I have ever thought to publish any work, as I couldn’t even produce a complete work yet, but it’s good to know what it takes to publish one’s work. It’s definitely not easy. It requires hard work and continuous effort to be successful.

At the end of this 1.5 days workshop, I have come up with some outline for the article that I planned to write. I have targeted a few journals to submit my article (hopefully). Yet, this is not the end of it. I have to write on the outline and collect some data before this article can be completed. The content of this article will not be my full dissertation as we are asked to present this article in our faculty’s seminar in August. Therefore, I have made plan to write this article as part of the early stage research result from my dissertation.

Just hope this plan will work out and I can at least submit my article. And can I hope for it to be accepted?

Part 2: Factors in determining target journals


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  1. I also find this workshop very helpful ….glad we attended it……^_^

    Now we’re given a few months to prepare, hope this will boost up our progress.

    correction for the seminar, isn’t it September?

    1. I purposely put in August…to remind myself I have little time to prepare before the due date. If I put September, I would feel I have longer time. Haha! Just psychology…hehe

  2. Yes, Dr Diljit is one of the best! I took many classes conducted by him. Do aim to publish your dissertation in journals. I’m sure the journey of doing so will be very memorable for you, not to mention the happiness you’ll get seeing your work published.

  3. That sounds really awesome, I’ve never had a workshop like that. I think it’s always great to think about how you would publish your work because that is ultimately the end goal of doing research or reviewing the literature. Please keep us updated on how you get along with this, I’m very interested to see how you progress 🙂

  4. Mun,

    He’s the best in Library Science, your field, right? In my field, he’s not our lecturer so I only encountered his talk in rare occasion but every time I’m in his lecture, I felt empowering somehow. I wish I can be like him, so knowledgeable and thoughtful to us students. I really appreciate this journey though it seems extra work to us now. I hope my effort will bring me success soon.

    Yes, you are right. Many lecturers told us it’s our ultimate goal to publish and to see how well our work is…It’s a way to see if we are on the right track. With you being interested, I have better motivation to update my progress. My real progress….haha…

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