Progress in May

Or more like progress update over the weekend…

I felt I have done much more over last weekend than I ever had for the month. I spent the weekend reading and making notes for another 7 articles. I have put them down in the synthesis matrix and I have started to see some pattern in all the articles that I analyzed. For one, the definition for PLE is still ambiguous though most authors agree that it’s about learners’ learning autonomy and self-regulation. The more I read, the more my mind’s spinning. I have been thinking a lot how to put forth my case or argument in writing. That really takes a lot of effort. No kidding!

I have also checked my schedule in Tom’s Planner today and I think I have many overdue. My poor planning again. Sigh! I need to work harder to pick up speed. Honestly, this dissertation journey sometimes freaks me out and I went into stress mode where I think I freak out my husband too. I truly pity him that he has to put up to me.

Keeping momentum of doing work helps in my progress. It doesn’t matter if I only manage to do a bit of reading and making notes, it helps to know I did something rather than nothing at all. I felt much better when I realized  that. My only constant worry is whether my effort now can help me achieve the ultimate goal. I always have this worry at the back of the mind that I’m wasting time doing the wrong thing. However, I would never know if I’m on the wrong track until the end. And I guess this main purpose of this journey is discover the right way by doing the wrong thing. Haha!


2 thoughts on “Progress in May

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  1. Is there anyone you could talk too like a friend or a supervisor to bounce ideas off and check if you’re on the right track?

    I’m sure you’ll do fine, like you say, keeping up momentum helps a lot! 🙂

    1. Thanks Ben. I have already emailed to my supervisor to see what’s her comment. Unfortunately, I don’t have many peers who I can discuss the research, except Fariha. Everyone seems to be working ‘alone’ which I hope this can be changed. Hehe! I would love to share and get feedback and hopefully by blogging I can achieve that. 🙂

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