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First of all, I hope my new blog theme is pleasant to your eyes. I changed to this new theme because I’m a blue-color person and I hope you like blue too. Hehe! It’s also because I had some problem with the widgets in the old theme. Anyway, I hope this new theme is refreshing both to you for reading and to myself to further motivate me to write more.

I read another tip recently about setting a writing target. By saying I want to finish writing a chapter in one month seems to be rather far fetched sometimes. It can be further broken down in saying, I want to write 5 pages in a week or 1 page per day, assuming 20-25 pages in a chapter. Now this seems more doable, right? But why am I still not writing?

I’m sure this happens to all who are in this dissertation journey: fear of a blank page. Apparently, I have a lot in my mind but to start writing on a blank page quite scares me. In my mind, I start to worry and wonder how am I going to write a full page full of words. Ben’s latest post shares my sentiments and he has great advice to help this writing problem.

Here’s Ben’s advice: let’s break it down further. Let’s start with a word. What I want to say about this word? I’m sure I can write a simple sentence to use this word. Sound like going back to school, learning English, right? Haha! With that sentence, do I have more to say? Of course, I do. Let’s think of another word and make another sentence. I’m sure I can do it. After all, a word is what I thought of when I started this post. And now I have more than 300 words. Hehe!

Another method that prompts me to write is making a mind map or chart or diagram or table. I have this great idea of how I want to talk about the different learning environments in higher education, which I went ahead to make a diagram of it, trying to situate the different environments in a big picture. Whenever I look at it, I have all kind of ideas to write and I’m sure I can make an interesting story about it (when I have the time to seriously sit down and put on my writing cap). Hehe!

Okay, come back to my writing target, I don’t think writing one page a day is doable for me, as I have to work during the day and my writing mind is not in working condition in the evening. I probably need to set my target to write 5 pages during the weekend every week. Let’s see how I progress.


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  1. I’m sure you will succeed! The thing is, 1 sentence is infinitely better than nothing. If you write only one sentence a day, you will end up with a book. If you write 1 word a day, you will still end up with a book, it will just take longer. If you write 1 letter a day, you will STILL end up with a book, it will just take a bit longer. If you write nothing everyday………..

    I love mindmaps too. I like drawing them by hand but there is some good software out there, do you recommend any, I’ve used mindmeister and freemind before.

    Also, loving the new design on your site, very cool 🙂

    1. Thanks Ben. I love to draw by hand too. So far, I haven’t tried any software to draw, other than MS Word to draw diagram for the report. I have been told of one good software but now I can’t recall the name. I will go and find out.

  2. Since now I’m working, now I know how you feel…Even at work I couldn’t read first paragraph of an article when work starts piling in….huhu…I don’t know whether this is the right choice that I’ve made, but I also need to make a living as well as wanting to succeed in my Masters.

    Let’s try to write something every night, like writing a diary. There’s a Malay idiom : “Sikit sikit, lama lama jadi bukit”……;)

    Let’s support each other and make sure we MUST finish this journey…..;)

    1. I told you already, ‘Welcome to my world’. But I didn’t think you should be that ‘busy’ until no time for lunch. You should stand for yourself and tell whoever ask you for extra work that your hands are already full. If you don’t voice up, people tend to take you for granted and assume you are superwoman.

      Sure we can support each other during this journey. I believe we will succeed soon. All the best!

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