My studious life @ Tumblr

The people I follow in Twittersphere have been abuzz with Tumblr for some time. Mashable even reported that Tumblr has more blogs than WordPress, so I couldn’t resist myself from checking it out, now could I? The IT geek in me just couldn’t pass this by, therefore I signed up with Tumblr (that would further add the truthfulness of what Mashable reported, right? Sorry WordPress but don’t worry, I still love you) to try out its many ‘promised’ features.

Have you ever felt that you wish to blog about something but it’s just too overwhelmed by the blog itself to write a long post? Do you wish you can just write about anything from your mind at that moment when you found something interesting to share without hassle? Of course, there’s microblogging such as Twitter to give you that hassle-free platform, however, do you feel you are being limited to 140 words by Twitter? What you want to share are much more than that but not a long-winded post that would take more of your effort. Tumblr is said to be that solution to all  the mentioned and probably more.

At first glance, it does impress me. I can easily write a text post (no word limit), share a photo, quote what others said and write my opinion about it, or share a link/video/audio with a few clicks of buttons but somehow it did take me awhile to get used to its interface. Tumblr also has quite many themes to choose from to customize my blog,  similar to WordPress. I even found a theme called Jennifer’s Theme to be my blog’s theme. How apt, right? Jennifer is using Jennifer’s Theme at Tumblr. Hehe! Plus point for me, it has cool iPhone/iPad apps.

I’m still new at Tumblr, therefore I can’t comment much yet. I just hope with Tumblr, I’m more inspired to write and share more. I would love to share my opinion on things I read on daily basis. One thing for sure, I won’t abandon WordPress. I rather like to keep multiple platforms to share the different sides of me. I can assure you I’m not a dull person. Haha! Do check out Jenn’s Studious Life @ Tumblr and tell me what you think.


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