Virtual Coffee Meetup

I’m very excited at this idea ever since Ben recommended me to read the write-up from Dr Inger on Twitter 5 days ago. Dr Inger wrote about Shut up and Write session with friends, where you can actually meet up with some friends  (who also have writing goal to achieve) over coffee and everyone just write quietly for certain time. I believe this proves to be better or healthier peer pressure to improve individual productivity, when you see others write, it pressures you to do the same.

Ben and I really love the idea. I was replying his tweet to tell him what a great idea and it would be great to have one real coffee meetup with him if only the two of us live nearer and not across the big ocean. Then the idea suddenly came to me. I tweeted again to him asking why not he organizes a virtual meetup so that I can join him. Hehe!

Oh, by the way, I’m a coffee addict, that’s why I wanted him to provide nice coffee and he’s so nice to even suggest to work on that virtual coffee for me. Haha!

I guess Ben really loves this idea so much that he really put more thoughts into conducting the virtual meetup by suggesting to share desktop screen using Skype or UStream on his blog yesterday. With that, my mind started to work on the details of how the virtual meetup can be done and I tweeted to let him know I have some ideas to share.

I suggested that the two of us to organize a virtual meetup, promote it to peers and see if anyone interested to join us. If not, the two of us still can work on the session anyway. Of course, there’s the timezone and other details to work out if more are to join us. So here’s what I propose:

Virtual Coffee Meetup

Purpose: A virtual writing support group. Regardless of what you want to get written up, we help each other to achieve those writing goals with virtual support.

1. Select a dedicated date and time

I think the total meetup time should be at least 2 Pomodoros = 2 x 25 minutes + 2 x 5 minutes (break) plus at least 10-15 minutes chit chat time before start and another 10-15 minutes after completion. Approximately I guess we need 1.5 hours. Of course, I think if it’s possible, I would really want to try 4 Pomodoros instead. Haha! We can do this on weekly basis, once a week or if everyone is up to the challenge, twice a week?

2. Before the session starts

I feel it’s important to get to know each other first before we start. I also feel it’s important we must state clearly what’s our writing target or goal for the session. Here I propose we use to have everyone post their goals and put them on a collaborative Lino board, so everyone can see and review later. It’s important too that everyone has at least some target/goal before the session, so that you don’t waste a lot of time. 

3. When the session starts

Ben thinks it’s great to share desktop screen so that everyone can see that we are all working on our writing, hence no cheating. Haha! In case if people are not comfortable to let everyone see what they are working on, I suggest we show one of our desktops (at least) for other to see. On that screen, it’s good to have the Pomodoro timer too, so everyone is aware of the time.

4. After the session ends

As time keeper, we will inform everyone that the time is up. Before everyone goes, I would love to have a little discussion about the session: review and reevaluate our writing target/goal. Everyone can post feedback/thought on Lino board again on their earlier goal. It’s like a progress report where everyone can see and maybe discuss about it to help each other to work better.

Okay, these are my initial ideas on this virtual coffee meetup. I’m very excited to make it happen as I’m one strong believer of using Web 2.0 technology in connecting with others and continuously learn. Do tell me what you think and together we can make this happen…

PS: Ben, what do you think? Can we make it happen? I can start next week, if you like. Really need to push myself to write more. Hehe!


6 thoughts on “Virtual Coffee Meetup

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  1. Yes! Lets do it next week. I like the idea about the lino board as well. I’ll see if anyone is interested on twitter.

    It’s great you’re so enthusiastic!

  2. Ben,

    Yeah! Let’s do it. I’m desperately in need to write and I need friends like you to push me. Haha! See you next Thursday.


    I haven’t heard of that and I went to google it. Sound interesting. Different strategy to make people write. 50,000 words novel!!! Sound extremely scary. Even more so compared to my dissertation. Haha! Are you joining that Nanowrimo? If yes, then you are so much braver. Hehe!

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