Progress in June

Don’t you think it’s kind of scary when one month passes by another so fast? It’s already July and seeing my countdown at the top, it’s less than 2 months to my first article submission. Oh no!

Am I any where closer to my target? I hope I am. Let’s review my progress for June:

1) I have shared about what I learnt from the recent Scholarly Publishing workshop regarding targeting journal to submit my article. The criteria in selecting the journal are many but not all are necessary. Pretty much depending on what you want to target. One thing I learn from comments I got is AIM HIGH.

2) I’m using synthesis matrix in doing my literature review and so far it’s helpful. I have tried to write a critical review using the matrix but I guess I need more practices before I can come up with a good one.

3) Writing target is important for me to keep myself motivated. I feel triumphant when I manage to achieve my target. I have tried setting weekly target of writing 500 words but that seems not to be working that well, so now I’m giving myself new target of writing 100 words per day. For a start, I managed 130 words yesterday, writing about the use of Learning Management System (LMS) in different learning settings.

4) Started another blog in Tumblr, which I think it opens up more doors to information aggregation. Tumblr is like RSS, Twitter and blog blended together. Very cool, but then I have more things to read, will my mind explode?

5) My very first session of #Shutupandwrite Virtual Coffee Meetup with Ben was on last Thursday. I consider it quite a success for myself. Targeted 500 words (I was trying to be ambitious) and managed only 450 words in 2 Pomodoros. It was great to be able to hear Ben’s voice and chatted with him about his experience and thoughts. Just by hearing him typing away on his keyboard made me tried hard to do the same. It’s truly a healthy peer pressure. Believe it or not, it can be done virtually. Everything is possible if you put your mind to it. Our distance and timezone difference are no deterrent to us. The only thing lacking was my cup of coffee. It was already evening and I dared not drink my coffee. Hehe!

6) To help myself progress better on daily basis, I have created a monthly calendar (until Dec 2011 – hope to finish by then) in MS Excel. I love to see it daily from month to month, see how much I have progressed or lack thereof. Hope this calendar will pressure me better to produce. I’m happy to share this calendar in the link above – I’m using Dropbox. Feel free to download if you like.

July will be a busy month. Hope it will also be a better month too.


2 thoughts on “Progress in June

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  1. Time goes toooo quickly!

    The virtual meetup was great. It may even work better virtually because even though I could see your screen I wasn’t looking at it much, however, like you say, the sound of your keyboard was very motivating!

    Here’s to a productive July!

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