Writing vs reading

The more I try to write (which is so far so good…at least producing some writing on daily basis now), I found that I probably have not read thorough enough. When I tried to read more, then I would feel I didn’t write enough. It seems to be an endless battle between my writing and reading time. Not forgetting that there are many other tasks required in this dissertation journey such as formatting the document, checking the references, making sure the citation is correct and etc. All require time, time and time. It’s not helping too if the mind is not in coherent thinking and distractions are every where. Sigh!

Just pray that I will prevail at the end with my new writing habit. I probably need new reading habit too. Hehe!


2 thoughts on “Writing vs reading

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  1. You’ll do fine! It is tough though. I find most of the time, I can force myself to write however I can’t force myself to read. I may read the words but I don’t comprehend if I’m not in the right mind set. I don’t know what the definitive answer is, although for me, Pomodoro’s help 🙂

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