Warm up

My short holiday to Singapore has left my engine (a.k.a. the brain) frozen in the cold storage. In another word, I didn’t write or read as I wish I had. I had actually planned some reading during the trip, probably while I was waiting for the plane. However, the journey from KL to SG is less than an hour, I couldn’t even switch on my iPad for more than 15 minutes before the stewardess asked me to switch it off in preparation for landing. It was not helping at all with lack of Internet connectivity in the hotel. Sigh! I know this is just another excuse for myself for not doing work, so just ignore me please. Hehe!

After coming back since Tuesday late afternoon, I still haven’t done a lot of work yet. When I opened my Google Reader yesterday, I had at least 100 unread posts. Thanks to my ‘growing’ reading list that I accumulate over time and thanks to those I follow who update blog so often. I have to say I have more reading than what my mind can put up to. There’s even more reading available from the PLE conference 2011 happening recently. Will my mind burst soon?

I used 3 Pomodaros to selectively read most of the posts in my Google Reader. That’s only warm up session. The ‘engine’ is just starting up and I have a lot of things to do before I can achieve my full speed again. I wish there’s some powerful ‘engine oil’ that can make me work faster. Hehe! At the end, I start to think that holiday is no longer good for me and my ‘engine’. That’s sad, right?


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