Deep procrastination

This takes procrastination to a higher level. Of course it’s not a good thing and I really wanted to understand why procrastination exists in me. According to Cal Newport, this is why:

…procrastination, in my experience, is not a character flaw, but instead evidence that you don’t have a believable plan for succeeding at what you’re trying to do….

So, it’s not my character flaw after all. I had always thought it’s my personal weakness that I always procrastinate. When I reflect deeper after reading the explanation, I do believe my cause of procrastination now is due to my unorganized plan in dissertation writing. Okay, I have some plans but they are rather vague and they are changing a lot. At some point of time, I myself couldn’t believe (or see myself in the near future) that I will succeed in completing the dissertation.

The author further explains that when the brain doesn’t believe things will work, it will start to take a route to delay things by debating the effectiveness of doing what should be done, which eventually lead to deep procrastination.

One way to understand deep procrastination, therefore, is as a rejection of an ambiguous, abstract answer to the key question of why you’re going through the mental strain…

I guess it means when I don’t believe I will succeed, my brain and body won’t want to do the thing that I’m supposed to do, even though I keep telling myself to do it. This is deep, when I think about it. Telling myself to do it just doesn’t help much anymore. I have to talk to the brain now. Sigh! No, I don’t think that’s enough. Like what the author explained, I need to have a clearer plan how to succeed. When I have that, I will believe without a doubt and then my brain will believe too. If I can win the battle with my brain, I guess my procrastination will lessen.

But first of all, I need to convince my brain why I have to do what I’m supposed to do:

Question: Why do I have to finish my dissertation writing?


Because the completion of my dissertation will open more doors to my next career (I hope) (no, cannot have doubt here) and a proof that I have learnt the necessary skills to do a proper research and on my way to become the subject matter expert in my field.

Are you buying that, my dear brain? Can we now move on to write my chapters? 🙂


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  1. Interesting. So maybe if you find yourself procrastinating you should spend some more time planning to convince your brain it’s a good idea?

    1. Spending time convincing the brain sounds like procrastination, right? Haha! Anyway, after the talk with my ‘brain’, I think it works well so far. Let me talk to the ‘brain’ again to keep up the good work. 😛

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