Progress in July

It’s the time again to reflect on my progress for last month. This is getting scarier by the day with the due date in a month. Sigh! To recap my progress in July, let me show you my writing progress in a graph.

On 30 Jun, it was my first attempt in writing a section for my Chapter 2, together with Ben in our Virtual Coffee Meetup. I still put that word count in this graph as reference of how much I could achieve. I did 456 words in 2 Pomodoros that day, the highest so far. Since then, I started to write on daily basis, targeting 100 words at first. The first week was pretty good. I met my target easily. Where or when I write? You would be surprised that I wrote during my idle time in tuition class (the time when you wait for your student to complete their work) for about 20 – 30 minutes a day.

As these writings are part of the first draft, I didn’t pay much attention to their sequence or grammar. I just put down whatever come to my mind about the topic I write. I write on my note book (not electronic one). Sometimes I still enjoy writing with pen and paper. Hehe! Then, I would transfer this writing to my MS Word document the next day or the next few days. This process is like a revision to me where I put more thoughts into my writing and edit it along the way while I type. These writings are still not in sequence yet but I have all the general idea what I want to say. The plan is to fit these writings into the gaps in my Chapter 2 sections.

On the second week, I raised my target to 200 words per day. It’s achievable even though I was off on one day. The third week was real bad, where I traveled for a short vacation. Initially I planned to work during the vacation but I should have known better. Who can really put her right mind to work during a holiday? Sigh! I failed miserably. It took be at least 1.5 weeks to recover my mood to write again. In between that time, I read a few more articles to get ideas and I finally managed to reach a new target of 300 words a day. Unfortunately, that was achievable on only 2 days.

I didn’t even try to work during the weekend initially as I didn’t want to sacrifice the quality time with the hubby. Okay, that’s very much an excuse to procrastinate and be lazy. Hehe! However, with my full-time working schedule, weekend is the only time I can work longer, so I decided to start working on weekend too now. Last weekend progressed quite well, even though I didn’t produce much writing, I put my whole dissertation into a clearer 1-page outline. Then, I transformed this page into longer outline with focus statements for each chapter. Focus statement is really helpful where I wrote what I want to put inside the chapter. I will talk more about this later when I become more familiar with it.

While working on the long outline, I started to develop my Chapter 3 in more detail. Find more reading to be done actually (again it will be a battle between reading and writing for my time). I have also put down my survey questions and analyzed them again to see if they are ready for data collection. I wish to pilot test it first before it goes live as I’m not so confident that the questions are clear enough or serve my purpose. There’s also a choice between Survey Monkey and Google Forms to host my survey. More about it later too.

Whoa! It’s already 620 words in this blog post. If only I can achieve that much for my chapter in half an hour. Haha!


2 thoughts on “Progress in July

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  1. It’s so much easier to write blog posts right!? I need to work out how to harness that writing power in some way. It looks to me like your ready for a writing boom, I’d say you’re ready for a writing boom, I bet it will happen this week.

    Seriously though, it is important to have quality time with your family. If you don’t you would resent your work and probably not be as motivated or productive anyway, and of course your family suffer.

    Good luck for the rest of the month!

    1. Many don’t know that I’m having hard time in my dissertation because all they see is just the ‘relax’ Jenn, who always enjoy outing with the hubby. The hubby has been very supportive in all ways, so I just can’t let him suffer with me. When he says he wants to go somewhere, I usually go with him. It’s another way to procrastinate. Haha!

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