Remember Me!

I don’t mean ME (*point myself*), but if you want to remember me I’m more than happy. Hehe! I think I have mentioned before I’m not good in planning and organizing so I’m always on the look out for good application to help me. When Ben wrote about to-do list, he recommended a list of applications that help and I was totally attracted to this.

Remember the milk is an online to-do list and task management that has cool apps on iPhone and iPad (one of the main criteria for me). I have tried a few applications before but nothing sticks with me for long. I have used some online web applications for setting my to-do list but most of the time I tend to forget to check on them frequently. Unlike Remember the milk on my iPhone, I think I have been checking on it every few hours a day and it really helps my progress.

Setting up task is very easy on the application for iPhone. Just type the task’s name, set priority and due date. You can even add note(s) if you like. Just make sure you have the priority right for all your tasks. No way, you can have all high priority to work on. However, sometimes I didn’t follow strict priority and I like to choose tasks to do from the list.

This is how my to-do list for yesterday…Not all the tasks above I completed yesterday and they are automatically brought to the next day. When you see the date next to the task, it means it’s overdue. But then you can always go and select another new due date. Haha!

You can sync the list to the web but the free version of Remember the Milk only allows once a day sync. Sometimes, I didn’t even bother to sync it because I don’t check on the web at all now. If you like to collaborate on tasks with another person or work on more than one device, then the sync function will be very important. I  think I can live without it for now.

Working on my iPhone is perfect now. I plan my to-do list everywhere I go and wherever I want. When I see more tasks in the Completed list for the day, I feel accomplished and happier. I don’t feel so lost now that I know what I have to do next and in the next few days.

For the past one week that I’m using Remember the Milk, I’m happy to have it among my other Studious Tools on my iPhone. I’m not saying you must have an iPhone to enjoy the app, you can always try the web application. To me, the important thing in keeping a to-do list is checking on it frequent enough to know you are making progress.

Do you have other methods or tools you have been using to keep a to-do list? Do share. Thanks.


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  1. Cool tutorial. I think smart phones like the iphone are giving web based applications a completely new edge. With the to-do list on your phone you can have access to it and change it anywhere you like which is really important. I haven’t used the social aspect to it yet but I’m really interested to see how that works – it must be great for group projects.

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