Progress Meeting

Finally, I’m all prepared for a meeting with my supervisor today. It’s been a while back since I last met her and I’m a bit anxious today. I have done quite a bit since the last update with her and I’m actually worried if I have progressed to the  right direction. It’s still semester break now, so I’m grateful that she has time to meet me today. I’m going to grab this opportunity to maximize this meeting, which I don’t get a lot since I have tight working schedule.

My meeting agenda for today is:

1. To discuss my one-page outline for the overall dissertation. I have been too consumed with my Chapter 2 – Literature Review for months that I have neglected the other chapters in my dissertation. I have finally put everything down on the page, outlining all the chapters I want to write and what I want to write about each chapter.

2. To discuss my long-page outline for both Chapter 2 and 3. These long-page outlines are very useful for expanding my chapters. I go into details of what I want to write in each section in that chapter. If everything goes well today, my Chapter 2 is around 70-80% completed. Sadly, I think I have neglected my Chapter 3 – Research Methodology and now I’m actively looking into it.

3. To discuss the outline for my first article submission. I plan to report a small part of my dissertation in this article, especially the literature review and the data collection  that I’m going to do soon. Article submission has me in mixed feelings: scared, worried, anxious and excited.

4. To discuss my survey design and sample result of the pilot testing. I’m happy I finally came up with a suitable survey design to capture requirements that I want to analyze for this research. I have run the pilot test with a few friends and they came back with good feedback. Thanks Emily for helping me to proofread and edit my writing. If the supervisor thinks the survey is okay and ready to go, I will put it live to start collecting data. This is the most exciting part. I have never done this before in my undergraduate program and I’m looking forward to analyze the data. Just hope I can get sufficient respondents to help me out.

Suddenly I have everything so clear in my mind. I know what I should do and I just start doing them. I don’t think if I can do it or not, I just give it a try and do it. I read, think and write whenever I can. It’s been working well so far. When I look at my writings and the number of pages in my chapter, I know I’m making good progress. Just hope this motivation will last me until the end.


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