Survey on Learners’ Literacy in Web 2.0 Technology

Personal Learning Environments (PLE) are the latest educational trend. They are seen as a better learning environment, an environment which can meet the diverse learning requirements of learners in the evolving world of Web 2.0 technology. PLE is a learning environment that lets you (as a learner) take control of your learning by choosing the learning tools (Web 2.0 applications – sometimes called social software) that you prefer. This is in contrast to Learning Management Systems (LMS) e.g. Moodle, which are very much controled by the educator and the management of the higher education institution. Ideally, PLE is an extension to LMS. This creates an effective learning environment in higher education by supporting both formal and informal learning to increase the learner’s learning experience. However, in order for PLE to be successful it’s important to find out if you (as a learner) are ready to take control of your own learning processes.

This survey was designed to determine your level of expertise with Web 2.0 applications, to identify what Web 2.0 applications you have been using on daily basis (both as part of your social life and to facilitate your learning in and out of classroom) and to get feedback about your preferences in the learning process. Your generous feedback will be used as design criteria or requirement in my research about Design and Development of a Personal Learning Environment that encourages Learner Autonomy in Higher Education.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

I’m inviting you to fill out the form Survey on Learners’ Literacy in Web 2.0 Technology in Higher Education.

To fill it out, visit:


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