Progress Meeting Update

Here are some updates from my progress meeting last Friday. I’m actually glad to have this meeting. It’s so inspiring to finally talk about my work to someone who has the same research interest. Talking about the research idea makes every thing seems real and possible to do. We first discussed a lot on my long-page outline for Chapter 2 and 3. I was surprised I could tell a story about what I have done so far and what I plan  to do next. This must be the consequence of putting my mind into literature review for months and I have managed to steer my research in one direction. I have finally come up with a conceptual framework to conclude my literature review. It’s very common in the information system field but I’m not so sure is it a common practice for other field. My conceptual framework basically connects all my components that I talk about in the literature review. I put them together in a diagram to show their relationships. This is how I make my argument for my research in my attempt to answer my research questions.

We revisited my Chapter 1 especially the research objectives and research questions. My supervisor actually had some questions for me about my research questions before we discussed my long-page outline. However, after my story-telling, she said she finally understood what I meant in my research questions and what I wanted to do. We checked each research questions again to determine if I have answers for them. I’m glad I didn’t deviate from those questions and I basically have some answers in the literature review and the survey’s result would answer another, hopefully. I feel it’s an important step to revisit this research objectives and questions frequently to see if I’m still on the right direction. I recommend you (if you are writing dissertation) to do the same. When you are trying to cover too many related topics in your literature review, sometimes you tend to forget your original research purpose. It’s definitely a no-no if your research objectives doesn’t match your literature review, so it’s always good to revisit your earlier objectives to remind yourself.

My survey design was discussed next. My supervisor commented that the questions are logical and clear. She’s also looking forward to hear the result. So do I. Designing the survey is truly my first experience and it’s quite exciting. I have learned a lot from participating on others’ surveys and from the feedback I got from the pilot testing. I guess I have some good points to share later on this topic.

Overall my supervisor is happy with my progress (even though I think I’m a bit slow in my own standard). She only commented that I need to rephrase my working title to become more specific in my research area. My working title should reflect what I want to achieve. I share with her about some good books I found that really help my progress. We also talked about our concern about my research topic and what she believes is happening in the real-world environment in higher education. She also gave me some good ideas where I can improve on my research.

I used to think progress meeting was scary especially if my progress was not promising. I used to avoid having such meeting but now I think differently. Progress meeting is beneficial to both supervisor and myself. First is I push myself to do more so that I can show some progress. Second is for reality check to see if I’m on the right direction. You wouldn’t want to find out you have gone far off from your original purpose after your final draft is sent. Third, my supervisor will love to hear my update so that she knows what to write on my official progress report. Lastly, sharing ideas during meeting is inspiring.

So, what do you think of progress meeting? Do you enjoy such meeting or you have the same fear as I had originally?


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