Mendeley Advisor

Honestly, when I shared about my experience with Mendeley in this blog, I was truly sharing with my heart. I love the application and it has totally changed my research life. Mendeley has become my primary reference manager since Apr 2011. I’m not the expert yet but I’m enthusiastic all about it.

Imagine my surprise when I received an email from Mendeley’s Relationship Strategy Manager, Andrew Bennie, asking if I’m interested to become an advisor.  I’m ecstatic, to say the least. I checked out the link Andrew sent to me in the email, which outlines the job of an advisor. The most important thing is…

Spread the word!

  • Invite your friends and colleagues to join your Mendeley network
  • Organize and lead Mendeley demos and presentations
  • Ensure that Mendeley is represented on your Library or Society website
  • Add a link to your Advisor Profile in your e-mail signature
  • Help us learn about the particular needs of your University or Institution
  • Spread the word locally, using posters and flyers, and online via blogs and discussion
  • Mobilize your campus or local user communities
  • Brainstorm new, fun ways to get involved!

Sound challenging and I thought I could really make a difference by participating in this program. So, I apply to be an advisor and got it this week.

My goal in becoming the advisor is to connect with other Mendeley’s users out there and share new ways of doing research by using Mendeley. I’m happy to convey your comment, request and suggestion about Mendeley to the group of people in Mendeley who really care about what you want out from this application.

I will definitely share more later. Meanwhile, check out my Mendeley Advisor badge on my sidebar. Click on it to check out my profile. Come join me and many researchers from around the world on Mendeley today.


4 thoughts on “Mendeley Advisor

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      1. So far it has been very useful! It really is very easy to use and to organise your citations and sources. I wished I discovered it sooner 🙂 I’m still getting to know to program, but it’s quite easy to figure out. Very user-friendly 🙂 I connected my back-up and my sources all in the dropbox as well as you suggested, because indeed it was so time-consuming to e-mail it to mysef and to keep copies on usb-stick for just-in-case scenario’s 🙂 Again a big thanks!

  1. Great to hear that! Do come back often to my blog because I love to share more about Mendeley about their new features. Do tell me more about your experience. Feel free to share anything with me. Thanks!

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