Design Science Research in Information Systems

I’m currently working on my literature review for chapter 3 – Research Methodology. I’m quite amazed with this methodology called Design (science) research or sometimes called design-based research. From the literature review, this methodology is still quite new and not many researchers actually practice it. I found it very easy to understand and it’s practical for what I plan to do. I have found some key papers that are very useful and I have shared them in Mendeley Group below:

Design Science Research in Information Systems (DSRIS)

Mendeley Group is something I recently explored and found it’s very useful to connect with other researchers who have similar interest in a topic. I have yet to find any researchers interested in this DSRIS, so I have decided to start a new group dedicated to this, hoping to get some people who are also interested to share ideas.

I’m actually more inspired by the research work of Vaishnavi & Kuechler which I have mentioned before. I recently found their book called Design Science Research Methods and Patterns: innovating information and communication technology. I have started reading it and even backtracked the previous research papers on design research for more reading.

I have never really thought there’s still more literature review for chapter 3 but I really enjoy reading more for this methodology. However, my supervisor already told me not to spend too much time on this and just apply what I understand to tell a story of what I want to do in this chapter. I always have to remind myself I’m only doing a Masters, so I don’t have to read as much as a PhD. But sometimes reading to know more is just pure fun.

Do I sound like an academic addict? Haha!





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