Progress in August

I believe I have done more in the last 2 months than I have since the beginning. I just pray my progress will continue to thrive, if I can say so. Hehe!

Let’s look at my word count chart for August…

The total word count for this month is 4360, roughly a thousand more than last month. Unfortunately, I still couldn’t maintain consistent writing on daily basis. Those empty spaces in the chart were those days I didn’t produce any writing at all. Some of those days, I did literature review on articles for my chapter 3 and some days I explore on some development tools. Since I started data collection through my online survey, I have also spent a lot of time on data analysis on some of those days that I didn’t write. I guess overall I still work on my dissertation even though I didn’t produce words that can be counted.

It was long holiday in Malaysia last week due to Eid Mubarak festive season. I only worked in the office for 2 days last week. I did some literature review during the holiday but none for writing. Spent quite some time with the hubby, went out to Ikea for shopping, went to dinner with family and spent nearly whole day last Saturday on book exhibition with my mum. I was supposed to work on my writing on Sunday but I spent the whole day with hubby lazing around on bed and watched DVDs. Super guilty now….sigh!

Anyway, I still have some editing to do on my chapter 2 and a section or two for rewriting. My goal is to submit final drafts of chapter 2 and 3 before I register another new semester, hopefully my last semester. I have actually reached my target for data collection within the first 2 weeks, (though I still continue to get feedback as I don’t mind to analyze more results), thanks to many friends who have helped me spreading the link. I have quite interesting data and I have put them nicely in colorful charts. I plan to present these findings in the upcoming faculty’s symposium. Lucky for me and all my peers, the symposium has been postponed to end of the month instead of next week. That only means more time to do work. On second thought, more time to procrastinate too. Hehe!

Pray for better progress this month. 🙂


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