Postgraduate Research Excellence Symposium 2011

I have been busy since early this week to prepare my first ever paper and presentation. My faculty – Computer Science and Information Technology is organizing a symposium for the very first time next week.

PostGraduate Research Excellence Symposium (PGReS) 2011 

Venue: Grand Bluewave Shah Alam

Date: 26-27 September 2011

I’m one of the presenter on day 2 under the department of Information Systems and Library Science section. I have just met up with the supervisor today to show her my presentation slides. Everything seems to be on the right track. I’m extremely glad. I’m going to present my findings from the recent survey.

My title of paper/presentation is Personal Learning Environment: Are learners ready for learning autonomy in higher education. I’m quite excited about my findings and at the same time a bit worried because all presenters will be judged and reviewed by the panels. I sincerely hope I can pass this review and then submit my first paper to reputable journal.

This is will be an interesting journey in academia for me…Wish me luck!


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