Presenting @ PGReS2011

I didn’t attend the Day 1 of the symposium, so I didn’t know what to expect on Day 2. I arrived at the venue before 9 a.m. even though my time slot was at 11 a.m. I went to meet a friend whom I got to know from this blog. We have been conversing on e-mails a lot and I’m so glad we have finally met. I attended the first presentation in her department, the Software Engineering, and I was a bit lost because of the different field. After that, I went to my own department for another presentation, everything made sense again. Haha!

Most presentations were from PhD levels and I guess only a few Master students showed up. I didn’t know as a presenter we were given some gift.

These come in a cloth bag…

My first ever presenter tag…

When it was my turn to present, I was reshuffled to another department – Computer Systems & Network due to too many in queue in my own department and the organizer wanted to end the event early. So I went to present to a group of audience and panelists whom might not understand fully what my paper is about. My purpose to present was to gain experience and feedback,  so I tried my best.

Other than presentation slides, all presenters were required to submit the fully written paper to be qualified for the “Best Paper Presentation Award”. We only got to know about this new requirement last Friday and at that time, I hadn’t drafted even one word for my paper. I was supposed to do it during the weekend, not that I thought I could get the award but just to try finish the paper. Unfortunately, I fell sick with throat infection and fever on Saturday. I took the whole Sunday resting. On Monday when I felt much better, I took nearly 7 hours to write up my paper. Not my best piece of work but it would serve the purpose for submission. Anyway, its greatest purpose is to be my basis for fine-tuning for real submission to target journal soon.

We had lunch at 12 p.m. and the closing ceremony was at 2.30 p.m.

The closing ceremony was short and simple with award presentation to winners from different departments. The deputy dean also announced that the symposium will be held again next year and hope we had all benefited from this event. As this was the very first time for all of us, there are still many rooms for improvement for the organizer and students. I, myself, feel I have learnt quite a bit and I’m glad I had decided to participate.

Another benefit as presenter, I get recognition. 🙂


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