Progress in September

Another month has passed and it’s time for reflection. September passed extremely fast. With the beginning of the new semester and participating in the symposium, I had my hands full in preparing myself for them. I had completed my chapter 2 and 3 for submission to my supervisor before I could submit my e-progress report, before I could get approval to register myself this semester. The due date for registering is end of October but I was worried the approval from the supervisor and the head of department would take longer than necessary, so I have prepared early and submitted as early as possible. I got my approval on the same day I met with my supervisor before presenting at the symposium. Hence, I have registered for another semester and I seriously hope it will be my last.

During the last meeting with my supervisor, I have shown my presentation slides and the survey findings. I’m glad she’s happy with them. She even suggested a few journals that I should look into for submission of my first paper. At that time, I still hadn’t written up my paper. Just because the symposium required a submission of written paper, I had used nearly 7 hours to come up with it on the day before I presented. Not my very best work, I guess because revision is definitely needed. I have started to look for example from those journals that my supervisor recommended and I’m going to prepare my paper accordingly. I expect there will be more changes to my paper before I can really submit.

Meanwhile, I’m still collecting data for my survey, hoping to increase my data size as commented by the panel of reviewers during my presentation. At the same time, I’m going to draft my Chapter 4 and look into system development. I haven’t really done much since the presentation because I feel exhausted, to be honest. My writing progress has slumped, that’s why no chart on word count this time. However, I promise myself I will pick up speed again this month.

October should be a busy month to me. I have met the librarian to discuss a class on Mendeley and the date has been set. It will be my first time conducting a hands-on class to a group of librarians at my university. I’m grateful for such opportunity and I’m going to make sure I do well and gain valuable experience.


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